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Hotrock's 2.6 PSP Guide

Starting Out

Starting Out
General Homebrew
Sega Genesis
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy/Gameboy Color

Ok, so if your PSP has 2.6 firmware, and you want to play SNES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy/Gameboy Color, or other homebrew on your PSP, follow the directions below...if you want something else than you can IM, Email, or PM me...

NOTE: For everything downloaded here, you will need
to unzip them.

Before downloading anything, you need the 2.6 GTA eLoader. If you don't have Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories than leave, you can't play homebrew.
  You can download the eLoader here. Because of recent patches, etc. I have written a readme for installing the eLoader.

Questions, Comments? PM hotrocks on the PSU boards, email me at, or IM me at hotrocks22