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Hotrock's 2.6 PSP Guide

Gameboy Advance

Starting Out
General Homebrew
Sega Genesis
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy/Gameboy Color

If you already have the GBA emulator...delete's probably the wrong one and downloading this whole package will be 10 times easier.

Now that you are starting fresh, download this package. Read the readme and your ready to go play 5 of the best GBA games on your PSP!
NOTE: The package takes up 17MB.

More Roms!
Now if you start getting bored of your 5 GBA games, you can download more below, or go to very few rom sites...I will post a good one once I find it.
NOTE: When downloading a rom from this website, just unpack the file in X:/PSP/GAME/GBA/roms/

If any of these download links are either broken, or if the downloads don't work, please tell me.

Questions, Comments? PM hotrocks on the PSU boards, email me at, or IM me at hotrocks22