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Hotrock's 2.6 PSP Guide

Troubleshooting FAQ
Starting Out
General Homebrew
Sega Genesis
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Gameboy/Gameboy Color
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3/29/07 - Finally, I am uploading the files at Filefront, and they are direct downloads and there is no limit of downloads...There is also a full list of downloads here

3/29/07 - Because of some stupid expiring dates, some of the files aren't available. If you see a !!!, then it means that I need that file. If anyone has it, please contact me.

3/21/07 - I have put up a "hotrock's favorites list"...If you see !!! next to something, it's one of my favorites.

3/11/07 - I have put up the new eLoader...It has an automatic installer for Windows.

3/06/07 - There is now a Hotrock's PSP Guide Forum! Join Now!

3/01/07 - A Troubleshooting FAQ page has been added. Check here if you have any problems or questions.

3/01/07- A mailing list has been added to the site. Join and recieve news and updates about the site. Your email will not be shared with anyone.


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