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Hotrock's 2.6 PSP Guide

Troubleshooting FAQ
Troubleshooting FAQ
Starting Out
General Homebrew
Sega Genesis
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy/Gameboy Color
Sumbit Me Your Stuff!

Having trouble with anything downloaded on this site? Have any questions? Look here before asking me; feel free to ask me though, just check to see if your answer is here first.

Loading the eLoader
To load the eLoader you cannot just go to the PSP's main menu and click Games; you need to load up GTA, and then load the eloader like a normal saved game.
Loading a GTA game
After playing some homebrew, if you want to play GTA again, there are two things you can do: The first thing is that you can hook up your psp to your computer, and go to PSP/SAVEDATA/ and cut your GTA gamesave and then paste it. The other thing you can do is load up GTA without your memory stick, and when you can, put your memory stick in and load your GTA gamesave. Save it, and it will be your default gamesave.
My Emulators are so slow!
Go to the menu of the emulator by pressing either: analog stick to the left (SNES), L+R (GBC) (Genesis), Triangle (GBA), and changing the speed from 222mhz to 333mhz. It may already be set to 333mhz. You should also set the framskip to 1, 2, 3, or 4. Whatever looks right. GBA is naturally slow because the games are pretty new and I mean, you can't expect them to run to well...

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